I have been asked to publish the list of lottery winners so far this year.

As you know the lottery is now being run by Ian and Linda Tyler.

Name Ticket Number Amount


Ian Green 104 £20.00

Graham Arnold 97 £15.00

George Campbell 128 £10.00


Debbie Nash 206 £20.00

Howard Carrick 58 £15.00

Elaine Harper 249 £10.00


Rachel Jones 74 £20.00

Jenny Holzbauer 142 £15.00

Leo c/o Joan James 5 £10.00

Rob Hazeu
Secretary - Datchworth Bowls Club


To all members and associate members,

First, of course, I hope all members are keeping well in these challenging times. For sure this is something we will never forget, but hopefully something we can look back on in a few months as our world starts to recover.

Secondly, I need to update you on what this means for our club.

The committee have been 'meeting' remotely, and after taking account of the many guidelines and advice we have received from the relevant authorities and bodies (particularly Bowls England), we have decided the following:
The start of the bowling season has been initially postponed until July 1st.
All National, County and League programs have been cancelled for the season, - this obviously includes EHBL, WHBL and SDML, - but it is our current intention to play all their matches scheduled for July, August and September as Friendlies instead, (or later if we start bowling later). It may also be possible to play the EHBL Ranson Cup and the L & D Cairns Cup later if time permits.
If we do manage to play these games, we will decide what catering is allowed or appropriate nearer the time.
Our 2020 Club Competitions have been cancelled.
The 2020 Presentation Dinner is on hold - for obvious reasons.
Bowls England advice is that Roll-Ups should not be allowed for the time being. If this changes we will let you know.
The Club Lottery will take place (now being run by Ian and Linda Tyler), but members may not initially have printed cards advising them of their numbers. However any new lottery members or those who have changed the number of tickets they hold, will be advised accordingly.
Stay safe. We will immediately advise you if the situation changes.


Rob Hazeu
Secretary - Datchworth Bowls Club

No. 1 April 2019

From the Secretary

Not long now to the start of the 2019 outdoor bowling season at Datchworth. The green opens on Thursday 18th April for the first Club night, and the first match, Captains v Presidents, is on Saturday 20th April; Hopefully you have wintered well and like me, are looking forward to getting outdoors onto our green again. The Greenkeeper and his team have been working hard to get everything ready, and the repairs to the edges have been completed successfully. Additionally the Maintenance team have been continuing with their programme of projects, many of which go unnoticed, but all contribute to keep our clubhouse and surround in the best possible shape.

Hopefully you all received the Club Competitions Entry Forms, and noted that the completed forms, plus cheques made out to Datchworth Bowls Club, need to be returned to Julian Hales by 17th April in order to be included in the draw.

Together with this newsletter you will find the 2019 Catering and Cleaning Rotas, as well as the current 2019 membership list. Please check these documents to see when you are down for club duties and follow the explanatory notes carefully. If you see errors or missing data in the membership list – please don’t hesitate to let me know. As I explained last year in my comments regarding Data Protection, we believe that individuals gave their consent for us to hold this data when providing their details for membership. However, if anyone does not want their details published on the membership list (or anywhere else), please let me know and I will take the appropriate steps. You will see that the list by the phone in the clubhouse now only contains names and phone numbers in order to maintain data security for members.

The 2019 Club Tour to Ilfracombe is going ahead from Sunday 1st September to Friday 6th September. Places are still available, and non-bowlers/friends are more than welcome to join. Please contact Steve Arnold if you are interested, and for more detail.

As you will see in the Chairman’s notes, the club relies on volunteers for the various jobs which keep the club running smoothly, including those on the Committee. Currently we have 2 posts which will need filling as soon as possible. Mike Mahoney will be stepping down as Treasurer at the end of the year, and we would like to identify an early replacement in order that he/she could learn the ropes in advance, and perhaps also help on an interim basis with the second vacancy which has recently occurred. Anyone interested in helping is welcome to contact Mike or any other member of the Committee in order to better understand the roles.

Finally some sad news which some of you may not have heard; Jane Waller, a club stalwart for many years, and a Committee member, recently passed away. She will be greatly missed. The funeral is on Friday 12th April at Harwood Crematorium at 2:45pm, and afterwards at the Clubhouse. All are welcome to attend.

Chairman’s Message

Firstly I would like to thank all the members who have volunteered for posts in the coming season.

You will see in the Secretary's section that there are vacancies both this year and next and I would urge members to volunteer if they can afford a little time to help the club. If you are unsure how much is involved please talk to Steve Arnold, myself or any other committee member and we will do our best to explain. As you know our club runs very smoothly and this is because so many members do their bit one way or another.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all new members. Coaching will be available on Sunday mornings in May if required.
Existing members wishing to 'freshen up' their skills should talk to either Les Parsley or Peter Hills to see if they can join in at some stage.

Ian and Linda Tyler (01920 830469) are taking on running the club's monthly draw (260 club). This runs from May to February and for anyone wanting to enter tickets are just £5.00 each and cover all ten monthly draws with prizes ranging from £5.00 to £70.00 during the year.

Finally I wish you all a happy and successful summer's bowling and I look forward to seeing you from April onwards.

Captain’s Rink

All relevant information regarding matches is on the first pages of the Fixture Card, which is being circulated as we speak. Please read carefully.

I have already emailed out notification of our early fixtures asking for names and have had many members add their names to the Availability Lists on Thursday nights at our Short Mat nights. But for those who are not on email and who were not able to pick their Fixture Cards up on the last Thursday night of our Short Mat season, one will be sent to you; so please read it and let me know by phone what early matches you wish to nominate for and I will add your name to those lists. The Availability Lists will be in the clubhouse by the first Club night on the 18th April. Please note the venue for the Shephalbury match on 4th May is AWAY and not at Home as shown on the fixture card; Also please note and remember that our match against Barnet Blind & P.S.B.C later in the season is AWAY at their green in Mill Hill this year.

PLEASE REMEMBER WE TRY TO SELECT MATCHES ON THE TUESDAY NIGHT 11 DAYS BEFORE OUR WEEKEND MATCHES. This means we will be trying to select the team for the match on Sunday 21st April, against Baldock Town, on Tuesday 9th April. Due to me having to chase for more names for a lot of our matches last season we only managed to do this half a dozen times, if that. So this season please try and do better. If you do better you will not receive my annoying emails asking for more names. If there are not enough names for our matches, you will continue to receive my annoying emails!!! Ladies, I apologize for doing this, but please be aware that there are four less of you this season than there was last season; so it is important that you put your names down for as many of our matches that require ladies as possible. REMEMBER YOU ARE ALL GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY IN ALL OF THEM.

Short Mat Bowls

Congratulations to Team E, Julian Hales, Maurice Gordon, Ian Williams, Jean Cooper and Susan Wray. They led from start to finish and were nearly caught at the end (after one of their number went on holiday to Australia, no name to protect the guilty party!!!!). They were nearly caught by Team C, George and Sandy Campbell, Annette and Richard Hutchinson and myself. They, in turn, were pushed by Team D, Peter and Chris Hills, Derrick Elms, Marion Matthews and Jim Whittle. All in all we had another enjoyable and at times noisy, season. I would like to thank those that helped with serving the tea and biscuits and washing up afterwards.

Reporting of match results
If any member playing in external K.O. competitions would like their results included in the club’s reports to the local papers and on our website then please let me have to the following details: -
Date, round and competition it was in, venue, name/s of opposition, their club, name/s of your playing partner/s, result.
Remember I send the report of the week’s matches in on Sunday night to the local papers. But any missed reports could be added to our website if the Sunday deadline is missed.

President v Captain
As usual we will be having a buffet at this match and if any of you are able to provide something for it would you please let Carol Hammond know beforehand, as Sue Kiernan is off to visit family in Australia, do not just bring it along on the day.

I would like to close by wishing those members suffering from various ailments as speedy recovery as possible and hope to see you down the green sometime during the season.

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