Chairman’s Message
The committee met recently to discuss progress with the scheme for the kitchen alterations, to receive an update on finance from the treasurer (very positive despite expenditure on both mowers) and to consider issues regarding availability for tea and cleaning rotas raised by members. Details are given below. Reports were generally up-beat the only downside being the men's club team competition results not matching those of recent years. More time for internal
club and other individual competitions! The green is in excellent condition and I urge everyone to keep filling in the availability sheets and to take advantage of the green-keeping team's hard work.
Derek Henley

The Kitchen Extension

As you are aware the initial plan for extending the kitchen area of the Clubhouse was abandoned when it became apparent that the cost of foundations demanded by building regulations would be prohibitive. An extended kitchen area is still required and revised plans are being drawn up.
The existing kitchen will be extended to include the area currently occupied by the bar. The bar will be moved across to the other side of the Clubhouse currently occupied by the gents changing room. A new gents changing room will be built on the area alongside the clubhouse currently occupied by the entrance gate.
A new gate will be installed. A plan showing this new arrangement is on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse for your convenience.
The plan demands that additional land be enclosed and the Parish Council have agreed to this and that the rent will not increase as a result. The new gents changing room will be a wooden construction some 10 feet by 18 feet sitting alongside the clubhouse with separate access. An architect has been employed to produce the necessary paperwork required for planning permission and work is expected to commence at the close of this season.
Keep an eye on the noticeboards for future updates including detailed plans of the new kitchen and bar areas when they are available.
Bill Tapper

Cleaning and Tea rotas

When you become a member of Datchworth Bowls Club you receive a welcome pack that includes information on how the Club is run and what is expected of members. If anyone did not receive this you will find a copy attached to this newsletter. Specifically, cleaning the clubhouse and providing refreshments for matches is shared by the members on a rota basis. It is impractical to consult with every member regarding their availability before drawing up a rota so it is done by random selection at the beginning of the season. If your allocated slot for cleaning or providing teas is not convenient to you it is your responsibility to find another member with whom to swap your duties. Failure to do this can result in no refreshments being available for visiting teams for prearranged matches or the clubhouse (especially the loos!) not being maintained to a satisfactory standard. Rotas are published to ALL members before the start of each season giving members ample time to make the necessary arrangements and the “rules” published on the rotas include full instructions of what to do. Visiting teams are always impressed by the standard of our green. We would also like them to be impressed by the standard of cleanliness of our Clubhouse and the refreshments provided. Would all members please take their responsibilities seriously in respect of cleaning and provision of refreshments for matches.
Bill Tapper

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